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Austin Bartending Company is a team of TABC certified beverage and food professionals who will service your party or events. Each party is unique and therefore we custom fit each party. See our full extended list of bartending services we provide. Our passion for craft cocktails has grown with the Austin’s interest in discovering creative libations.

Austin's #1 Professional Mobile Bar Service

photo of mobile bartender in Austin We provide the ultimate professional mobile bar service in Austin. We take care of all the details of your events making party planning easier. Looking for a professional bartender to serve you and your guests at your next event or party? All of our Austin bartenders are Texas Alcohol Beverage Control (TABC) certified – meaning they have been tested and certified by the State of Texas. Mobile Bartending is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. All of our Austin TX bartenders are covered by our $3 million Liquor Liability Insurance – very important as Texas has a “Host Liability” law on the books!

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Festive Fall Cocktails You Need To Try

As the days grow shorter and the air gets crisper, you may find yourself especially in need of a good cocktail with which to watch the leaves turn. Whether you’re treating yourself on Halloween, cooking on Thanksgiving, or just taking some time to celebrate the season as it passes, keep the blues away with an autumn-inspired drink. Here is a list of the most popular and most essential autumn cocktail varieties, from apples onwards. Continue reading “Festive Fall Cocktails You Need To Try”

How To Make The Most Satisfying Spiked Apple Cider You’ll Ever Drink

Cider is freshly-pressed, unfiltered, and unpasteurized raw apple juice, which includes both soft and hard varieties. When making home-made adult apple cider, though, it’s best to use local cider as it is more likely to be fresh, unlike the sugary juices that comes from concentrate. However, before breaking out your mulling spices, it’s important to understand the history of cider and how to find and make the best adult cider possible. Continue reading “How To Make The Most Satisfying Spiked Apple Cider You’ll Ever Drink”

25 Awesome Vodka Drinks

Vodka is one of my favorite liquors to mix drinks with, and the reason is that are literally endless options. Vodka doesn’t have much of a “taste” to it so it’s very easy to mix with basically anything. Plus with how many different flavors that are out there, there’s a vodka for anyone! Today I’m going to share 25 awesome mixed drinks with vodka that you can easily make at home. Continue reading “25 Awesome Vodka Drinks”

9 Rules for the Ultimate Austin Bachelor Party

So you’ve been put in charge of planning an Austin area bachelor party and getting the other 15-25 guys to go along with the plan. Here’s the good news…most of the other 15 guys going don’t really have an opinion of what to do. Now the bad news…without those other guys having any opinion on what to do for the groom’s big night, you my friend are on an island. Now you are thinking “Where the hell do I start?” or “I don’t have the time to plan this thing” or “If this party sucks, my buddies will never let me live it down” or a variation of all three. Let’s address those thoughts real quick. Continue reading “9 Rules for the Ultimate Austin Bachelor Party”

5 Essential Tips For Starting a Home Bar

So you want to start a home bar, huh? Well if you’re like most people in Austin, the first thing you’ll do is head down to Twin Liquors and grab twenty random spirits based on which bottles look the coolest, pick up an ugly shaker with six recipes you’ll never use printed on the glass, a muddler because smashing things sounds cool, seventeen lemons, and for the love of God don’t forget to get a giant bottle of Baileys! You’re going to need the Baileys…for…something. Continue reading “5 Essential Tips For Starting a Home Bar”

Thousands of Bats Ascend into the Austin Sky

Austin Bat Festival

We just couldn’t get enough of the bats that we love – Austin has a Bat Festival. The 14th Annual Bat Fest is August 18th, 2018 and takes place on the Congress bridge. Experiencing live music, craft vendors, yummy Austin food, bat costume contest, bat activities and the flight of the Austin Bats from the Congress Bridge! Austin is known for keeping ‘it weird’ and this is just normal for us. Bat Fest is now a staple amounts all other festivals and is celebrating their 14th year. Be sure to take in the full Austin Bat experience and order Bat Fest Tickets. Continue reading “Thousands of Bats Ascend into the Austin Sky”

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